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"Green Gold" is a term we use to describe our lines of California gold jewelry for a few reasons.

Ecologically Mined

Thankfully, many industries are pressured to or voluntarily reduce their impact on the environment. Conscious of the affects mining can have on air, soil and water, we strive to leave as small an imprint on nature as we can.

Planning how an area is to be mined takes many professionally trained and creative minds. The whole process is thought through to optimize machinery's energy use, prevent accidents, and preserve the integrity of the land. In some cases, mining can be an intermediary step in redressing the impact of historical ventures. County, State, and Federal departments and agencies require environmental studies, strict regulations, various fees, and public hearings be conducted before any kind of monitored permission is granted to mine. Once an operation is permitted, continual function is contingent on standards be proven met by both government or appointed bodies. It is no easy feat to acquire these permissions. But they are the necessary hurdles that must be overcome to ensure the environment is protected.

Recovery Methods

The stigma of miners destroying the land comes from its past. Today the techniques used aim at keeping the environment free of chemicals, and disturbed areas reclaimed to very strict standards. We use water and gravity to separate our gold from the soil it resides in. We do not introduce any chemicals into the environment to extract the gold. The soil is run through washing machine trammels, vibratory tables and centripetal spinning wheels, moving along with water and electricity. The dirt is mixed and and replaced according to the regulations of government agencies and appropriate engineers.

20 Karat Gold
Gold can be refined into many purities. Through alloying with other metals, the color of the gold can be altered. Most jewelry seen today range in purity from 10k-22k.The gold we recover at our California mines is 20 Karat. The color of this natural 20k gold has a beautifully unique hue that we find irresistible. It's warm earthy glow is left in tact through our refining process, and is crafted into our gorgeous bands. We use different purities in our jewelry for their different colors and properties, but all of it is noted in our descriptions so you know what you are getting. 

Made in California, USA
All of our gold is recovered from California, USA. Our bands are 20k as is found in the ground of the Sierra Nevada's. Once recovered from our Northern California sources, it is refined and hand crafted in our Southern California studio by Todd or under the direction his direction by his appointed artisans. All of our Natural California Gold jewelry is stamped with our Grizzly Bear hallmark. With this hallmark, you can be assured that the gold is conflict free, environmentally recovered, and supporting American industry.